Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hand sewing is almost meditative for me, as long as I get those tiny stitches where I want them to be. Here is yet another Cute Book Creation: Ms. Squirrel.


Last month, the SF Craft Mafia hosted A Family Affair event at the Stitch Lounge, where there were various craft project stations. I learned to make earrings, which won't help me in reducing my ever-growing earring collection.

Recently, I have gotten back into knitting (working for a knitwear designer helps). I just learned how to long-tail cast on and have started a little shrug in a beautiful coral yarn. It's Grignasco Skipper, 100% Italian merino. I am relearning how to knit from the YNotKnit book, which has great illustrations and is spiral bound for those trying to read and knit at the same time!